Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Work, play, learn, and create with Google Chrome apps

With apps for Google Chrome, you can do things like create documents, edit photos, and listen to music. They're like desktop software programs installed on your computer. The main difference is that you use apps directly within your browser. If you use Gmail, Google Maps, or sites like Pandora, you're already using apps.

To get apps for Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store.

Advantages of Using Apps

  • Apps install in seconds: You don't even have to restart your browser or computer to start using them.
  • Your apps are always available. No matter what computer you're using, you can always access your apps. 
  • Apps are always up to date. Because apps are hosted on the web, you don't have to worry about updating to the latest version.
  • Apps won't crash your computer. If you're having trouble with an app, just close its tab in the browser. Your browser and computer won't be affected. 

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