Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Join us for Cyber Security Awareness training this month!

What I Can Find Out About you on the Internet: October 5, 2012 2:00-3:00p CST
Many people believe they have a small online presence. However, with all the information that is available online, we can now find out more and more about the people in our lives with a simple and easy internet search. Join this session to find out just how large your online presence really is, as well as learning how to shrink the presence if needed.

Privacy and Social Networking: October 11, 2012: 10:00-11:00a CST
What do your old boss, your fifth grade teacher, and your college roommate have in common? If you're one of the millions of people using social networking applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, there's a chance you are connected with them through the internet. Social networking allows us to share updates, photos, and snippets of your daily life with our friends and family. But who else is using the information you share online? Join this session to learn about keeping your social networking connections private.

Password Storage and Maintenance: October 15, 2012: 2:00-3:00p CST
Do you have trouble creating passwords that are both strong AND memorable? Do you use the same password for several of your accounts? Would you like to learn more efficient methods to keep your information safe with a strong and effective password? Sign up for this training to learn more about creating strong and memorable passwords, as well as looking at a password manager application that will store all your passwords in a secure way!

Is Cloud Computing Safe?: October 23, 2012: 1:30-2:30p CST
Recently, there has been a lot of controversy in the media over cloud computing and its safety. Is it safe to store our information in the cloud since we don't know where it is? Is our information being backed up successfully? Join this session to learn more about how cloud computing works, what Columbia College stores in the cloud what cloud computing solutions we recommend, and what types of information you should be storing in the cloud.

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