Wednesday, May 9, 2012

infographics again

Hi, ITIS-ers! I'm still psyched about infographics. I teach Religious Studies, and have a fascination for all the ways people have understood the "end of the world."

At some site where I was scrolling through, there was a very old "infographic" done by Clarence Larkin. Larkin made a series of them, illustrating his understanding of the end times -- various parts of Revelation, Daniel, etc. If you do a Google Images search, you can see many examples. Here's a page that has 10 gifs at the bottom from his books:

He was a Baptist minister (1850-1924). People who view the end in this way are still using his charts, but often in updated color versions, for example:

So, everything old is new again. Thanks for reading! Lisa I.

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